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At Romer we give the freedom to businesses and help them to explore different ways to draw in customers. The unlimited advertising package is most suitable for firms that want to be cost effective in the long run. Whereas the pay as you go options are for small firms that want to create short term campaigns and are on a budget.

Advertise with Romer with our unlimited advertising plan

$189* per month, no cancellation fees

With the unlimited advertising plan, it offers the best package for inexperienced and adept businesses in marketing to get started with your advertising. Better yet sign up now and receive a 14 day free trial valued at $95 with no cancellation fees. (This package offers the best cost effective results as the $189 covers everything and does not fluctuate)

✓ Upload your adverts in minutes

✓ Geo-target new customers the minute they start looking for businesses like yours through priority placement

✓ Monthly analytic reporting + reminders

✓ Only $189 per month

✓ Upload adverts anytime for any duration

✓ Charged Monthly

✓ Cancel anytime

✓ Unlimited results

✓ Re engage new customers with nearby notifications that automatically trigger when new customers are nearby

✓ Social Features: Instagram (7,500+) and Facebook (2,500+)

*GST not included

Advertise with Romer with our pay as you go plan

$5* sign up fee & 30c* per customer click

The pay as you go is the alternative which gives the power to the businesses and their customers. You will only get charged every time a consumer clicks on you ad. If this is the package for you try it today, if you are not with the results you can cancel any time with no cancellation fees. (This package is an excellent choice for short term advertisement campaigns and is recommended for businesses that are on a budget)

✓ Upload an advert in minutes

✓ Geo-target new customers the minute they start looking for businesses like yours through priority placement

✓ Monthly analytic reporting + reminders

✓ 30c per click or view

✓ Upload adverts anytime for any duration

✓ Set your own budget

✓ Cancel anytime

*GST not included


Advertise With Romer

In this digital age of marketing and big data, it may seem difficult to decide what advertising method can provide the best result at affordable prices. Here at Romer we aim to showcase the best on offer and because of that, we provide a unique platform for businesses to obtain new customers and re-engage old customers. We use cutting edge AI learning technology to target potential customers for your business which send deals, promotions and notification when they are near your store. Our results have proved to be so successful that we have:

22x more click through rate compared to social media adverts

6x more cost effective cost per click than Adwords

300% more visits compared to Zomato

35x more results + analytics compared to free uploads

Advertising just got a lot easier with Romer. The fast, easy and affordable digital marketing platform which will see results within a month for your business.


Meet Some Of Our Customers

Exceptional experience, offering me a service I cannot do myself with exposure, inspiration and a great team to work with! Jump onboard it is a no brainer.
— Chris- Black & White Coffee Cartel
We ask every customer how they found out about us when they come and we see Romer a lot! It has been great for attracting and converting domestic tourism to one of the hardest to reach places in the South Island
— Rosco, Rosco's Sea Kayaking
Romer is one of the only ways we advertise now. I speak with every customer who comes in and we hear ‘Romer’ a lot! Romer continually drives more value to our business with real customers and referrals. Definitely, recommend!
— Hannah, The Lip Lounge