Inspiration & Examples

The best types of advertisement all holds common elements that enables potential customers to become shoppers by triggering their emotions and convincing the user that it is a need, not a want. Here are some different ways to approach the situation:


Food & Drink

  • Try our New Spring Menu

  • Trending Whittakers Hot Chocolate

  • Famous Black Forest Cocktail 

  • Cafe Aroma Vegan Slices

  • Happy Hour 5-6pm $10 drinks

  • Book your Mothers Day High Tea 

  • Enjoy a platter for two


  • Community Church Yoga $20 

  • Gallipoli Exhibition at Te Papa  

  • Discover Local Maori Culture

  • $99 Trial a flight

  • Hot Spring Spa Getaway

  • Mt Cook 2 day Adventure Package

  • Mt Hutt early bird sale

  • $100 Couples Massage

  • Bliss Pamper Package 3 hours

  • New Spring Season clothing

  • Treat yourself at Emporium Hair


  • Cirque du Soleil tickets

  • New Zealand v Scotland game

  • Live music overnight at Bar 1990 

  • Court Theatre pizza & show $30 


  • Offer your most popular draw card to the business e.g. your special baileys hot chocolate, vegan muffin, breakfast board, spa treatment, new show screening, sports game coming up, outdoor adventure package etc

  • Offer something new you want people to know that will help romers find your business e.g. new menu, new season of clothing in, new activity added, new show etc

  • Upload your business so people become more familiar with your business along with an exceptional photo to draw people in with a batty title eg Grab afternoon tea in one of Christchurch's prettiest streets

Example of Romer advertising


Fear of missing out (FOMO), is one of the many ways that marketers use to create a sense of urgency among potential customers. When fear is used in marketing campaigns, the consumer behaves in two different ways. First, if done correctly, users do not have enough time to think about the negatives with the associated consumption due to cognitive thought process on losing out. Second, having bragging rights to their friends and family over the limited time experience as one of the selected people to have purchased a limited offer.

Romer business advertisement example

Point of difference

What makes your business stand out from the rest? Depending on the type of experience that is on offer, many consumers may have already experienced it before. Therefore, showcasing to potential customers why you are unique helps convenience buyers. This can be done by illustrating to users the decor, location, staff, user review, dietary considerations, type of activity, ect.

Example of Romer business advertising


Everyone likes getting a bargain simple as that. Therefore, give consumers a reason to come into your store rather than your competitors. Something as simple as a small discount, better yet pair promotions with fear which can acts as a double entendre. Things such as limited spots, offers or products.

Romer business adver

10 Star experience

Imagine from a consumer standpoint about the different types of experience levels that they could get involved in with you business, starting from a unsatisfied 1 star, to a mind blowing 10 star (even if it is impossible or unrealistic). The point is that somewhere in the middle is the experience that keeps consumers coming back, wanting more from the experience which was mind blowing.


  • To take good shots consider the background, would it look better with some texture? Maybe more lighting?

  • As your image will be displayed on a mobile consider should your image be close up or further out with the focus on the centre point?

  • Keep your titles simple while using words that will stand out to users

  • Always bear in mind who your target market is? What appeals to them

  • Upload multiple photos if your offering is complex or possibly want to show more about the business

  • We dont encourage graphics instead Romer is about photos

  • Drive an action eg ‘Book’ ‘Taste’ ‘Try’


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