Case Studies

Our passion is helping small to medium businesses grow authentically and affordably with proven new customers.

Exceptional experience, offering me a service I cannot do myself with exposure, inspiration and a great team to work with! Jump on board it is a no brainer.
— CHRIS, BLACK & WHITE Coffee Cartel
Romer is one of the only ways we advertise now. I speak with every customer who comes in and we hear ‘Romer’ a lot! Romer continually drives more value to our business with real customers and referrals. Definitely, recommend!
We ask every customer how they found out about us when they come and we see Romer a lot! It has been great for attracting and converting domestic tourism to one of the hardest to reach places in the South Island

Businesses have been achieving these results within 30 days


more click through

compared to Google Adwords


more engagement

compared to Instagram and Facebook


more visits

compared to Zomato


Average number of qualified new customers saving to go to their business


Average number of clicks on an advert


Average number of nearby views

*from the last fifty campaigns

Thank you for one of the easiest campaigns to organise in less than 20 mins! Great service!
— Sheryl, Garden City Helicopters

Collaborate with Romer

NZME Collaboration

This year Chris Lynch introduced the Romer Friday Five where we share Romer's top experiences with Canterbury every Friday with around 8,000+ views and thousands of locals tuning in every Friday. Chris directly thanked and linked the Romer addition to his success and continued to collaborate weekly with us.

“Chris Lynch on Newstalk ZB Mornings had seen a big increase in market share (weekdays 8.30am-12pm)
— NZME - New Zealand Media and Entertainment

Ruby Collaboration

The Client: Ruby Clothing

The Ask: Drive in-store sales and the culture of adventure through their new Autumn fashion

Answer: Any purchase made in-store or online within the set 14 days would be in to win a trip for two to Queenstown using Romer with all of our favourite finds covered by us.

Result: Total social media reach of over 13.5k people. Ruby had 15k customers through all their stores. Ruby's home page was viewed over 17k times and the Terms & conditions page saw a 3,659% increase in page views(1,391 views) when compared with same period two weeks prior (15-Mar till 28-Mar), which Ruby can directly attribute to the giveaway. 

We really enjoyed working with Emily and her team at Romer to create an exciting activation to excite and engage our customers and look forward to working with them on future projects.
— Anna-Lise Sharma (Head of Marketing & Business Development)


Verve Magazine Collaboration

The Client: Verve Magazine

The Ask: Unique and curated blog for Queens Birthday

Influencer Marketing

Romer Takeover. 30 days. 30 influencers

In November 2017 thirty of New Zealand's most influential social media influencers, each claimed a day to promote the app through the experiences they wanted to do in their regions. We had thirty businesses collaborate with us to promote Romer, the businesses and of course our social media stars.

We work with many New Zealand influencers to help promote them and your businesses through collaborations. 


i-SITE Tourism Kiosk Collaboration

I-SITE Christchurch wanted to offer a digital, personalised and locally curated experience tool for tourists coming into the city. Visitors swipe, discover, save and send their favourite local adventures to their email address curating their own top ten things to do in the city.

This has been an excellent place for Romer to share its unique data with tourists while also offering an experience for the tourists coming into Christchurch. Romer can help quickly generate new leads through the iPad to the team to help capture more leads with fewer resources while offering a unique experience that the tourists are loving. i-SITE also can see in real-time the analytics around how what and when visitors are engaging with which content to help the team promote the city through the analytics of the visitors and locals.