In a nutshell, a geofence is a virtual boundary which helps prompt customers that have already taken an interest in your business into your business through a personalised notification. The notification is sent out to the user when they have saved your business to their wishlist and are within proximity of your business. On average 24% of the groups notified become new walk in customers.

Geo-fencing Romer app


Once a user saves a place they are ‘qualified’. Romer auto populates the closest 20 Romes around them and puts a geo-fence on these locations as a circle radius. If a place is featured it will take priority over all other locations meaning our businesses are prioritised over all nearby competitors.

Driving: 1km distance/ 2km full radius for notifications

Walking: 150m/300m full radius for notifications



Once a Romer user walks or drives within a geo-fence area(usually an entire block) they will receive a notification. Romer shares the adventure with options to get directions, share, learn more or change notification settings.

Geo-fencing Romer app
Romer check-in


When a users location is always enabled Romer will check-in users to the adventures they go on through our reporting. Each check-in counts as another group size visit usually consisting of 2.5 people.