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What is new with Romer?

Romer Geo-fenced notification example

Geo-Fenced Notification

Alongside with Romer’s innovative & smart AI learning technology, comes Geo-Fenced notifications which pings app users that are nearby businesses that they have saved in the app.


How does Geo-Fenced Notification work?

Romers will save a number of activities within the app, from there they may forget or never get around to do that activity. When consumers come within a proximity of their saved activity, a Geo-Fenced is activate. Geo-Fenced notification allows customers to become activated and creates a new call to action never seen before. Results have proved so successful, that 1/4 of users that get the notification walk into the business within the next 15 minutes.


Our values

'“Your vision is our passion. Our goal is to help small to medium businesses grow authentically and affordably with proven valuable new customers.” - Emily Hazelwood, Managing director of Romer

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Romer is one of the only ways we advertise now. I speak with every customer who comes in and we hear ‘Romer’ a lot! Romer continually drives more value to our business with real customers and referrals. Definitely, recommend!”

Why feature in Romer?

Easy and smart AI to find your business new customers and drive them in-store.

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