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Step Two: Learn how geo-fencing can help your business

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Step Three: Check out an example

Title: Take your date night to the next level with a night away glamping
Description: Looking to spice up date night but don't want to spend hours organising it? We have you sorted! Just book your trip and drive over the hill to relax and unwind with a hot tub, wood fire, wifi and a bottle of wine to start your escape. Follow the web link below to book your getaway from $249 per night! We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Why Romer?

Drive proven new customer visits

Save time by advertising in just minutes

Save money with our cost-effective plans

Reach the hard to reach the 20-35-year-old local repeat market

 22x more click through to Instagram & Facebook advertising (22% vs 0.9%)

17% of users go into a business after being notified

300% more visits compared to Zomato

($1.70 set click fee in Zomato compared to our average of 60 clicks per week for $35)

Step 4: Discover our realtime and interactive Media Kit reporting

Numbers, maps and graphs are all in real-time


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